The Council is always looking for willing and available experts to conduct the tasks of expert assessments both as remote reviewers and as members of the expert panel (more about the Council's as an expert activities). An expert may be a Lithuanian and foreign scientist, artist, qualified researcher and specialist-practitioner from various organizations, businesses, production and other fields of activities who meet the minimum requirements for the evaluation. 

Experts assit in preparing opinion about conclusions of the programmes, analytical studies or insight on scientific works under consideration and evaluate the performance of science and higher education institutions or their individual activity areas. Experts may be asked to provide proposals or comments on the draft legislation or any other science policy and strategy documents submitted for the Council's approval. Experts are also involved in evaluation of proposals and research projects reports submitted according to calls of proposals announced by the Council. 

 Register as expert

The Council collects data about experts in the Expert Database (EDB – As new user, you will be first requested to register your profile. For the selection of experts, the Council uses the data entered in the EDB, which is why all potential experts registered in the database, whether or not invited to carry out an evaluation, should, keep their data up to date.

Last updated: 01-02-2024