Research Council of Lithuania: students are invited to apply for NASA internships

The Research Council of Lithuania (RCL) is launching a call for international internships for the spring and summer of 2025 at the USA National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), where students will be able to gain unique knowledge and hands-on experience. RCL will fund 10 students for both the spring and summer internships next year. The call for applications and its conditions can be found here. The deadline to apply is the 16th of May at 4 p.m. (EET).

"The visit of the Research Council of Lithuania delegation to the USA NASA Office of International and Interagency Relations at the beginning of the year was an excellent result of the partnership and opened new opportunities for Lithuanian students and researchers. Lithuania is one of the 13 countries participating in the NASA International Internship Programme, so future interns will have the privilege to work on global problems and to see and experience innovation up close and personal. Although we are a small country, we have great ambitions, potential and great talents. This competition is a good opportunity for the most talented students to broaden their horizons of scientific knowledge and test themselves in a new environment", - says Gintaras Valinčius, The Chairman of the Research Council of Lithuania.

NASA provides opportunities for talented students to undertake research fellowships at NASA research centres through cross-border agreements. These NASA internships are intended to encourage the participation of students studying science, technology, engineering or mathematics programmes in international projects and to develop their skills in research and experimental development in space technology.

The RCL call for applications is open for spring (January-May) and summer (June-August) 2025 internships at NASA Research Centres (NASA Ames Research Center (California), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Maryland) and NASA Johnson Space Center (Texas)). The estimated duration of the internship is 16 weeks in the spring and 10 weeks in the summer. During the internships, the most talented students of Lithuanian nationality selected will have the opportunity to work on specific research projects and contribute to cutting-edge research and the development of space technologies.

Applications are open to students enrolled in bachelor's or master's degree programmes in science, technology, engineering and mathematics at science and research institutions. Entrants are also required to have a thorough knowledge of english language and a weighted average of 8 or above in all subjects studied throughout their studies. Prospective trainees must have an interest in space exploration and be actively involved in scientific activities.

More information on the competition can be found here. An information event for applicants will take place on 24th of April at 10 a.m. (EET) to present the conditions of the call and frequently asked questions. To register for the remote event, click here.

Lithuania has been participating in NASA's International Student Internship Programme since 2014, when a bilateral agreement was signed between Lithuania and the USA.Based on this agreement, 25 Lithuanian students have participated in NASA internships in 2015-2019.

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