Funding for students research projects (summer schollarships)

The Research Council of Lithuania (RCL) launches the annual Student Summer Internship Competition, aimed at encouraging students to engage in scientific activities, improve their scientific qualifications, and pursue a career as a scientist. The RCL announces a call for the first stage of the competition, which involves the submission and selection of internship topics.

Call budget

~ EUR 750 000

Internship funding

EUR 4 000 (consisting of cost lines 1, 2 and 4)


EUR 4 900 (consisting of cost lines 1, 3 and 4)

Cost lines:

  1. EUR 1 000 / month scholarship / salary (after taxes) per student – EUR 2 000
  2. student's salary-related tax costs (if the student will be paid a salary); other costs of the internship – EUR 1 800
  3. the student's salary-related tax costs (if the student will be paid a salary); the student's accommodation costs (if the student will carry out the summer internship coming from a foreign research and study institution or if the student is carrying out their studies in another Lithuanian research and study institution located in a city other than the intended location of the summer internship); the student's other costs of carrying out the internship – EUR 2 700
indirect costs – EUR 200
Duration of the internshipThe internship will take place during the students' summer holidays, i.e. from July to August 2024
Stages of the call

The summer student internship call will take place in three stages:

Phase I  researchers (prospective internship supervisors) submit proposals for student summer internships (between 27-02-2024 and 22-03-2024), and the Council organizes the expert evaluation of the proposals and the selection of the internships to be funded through a competitive process;

Phase II  students select their preferred summer internship placements (no more than two) by submitting their CVs, cover letters and evidence of their academic excellence (from 22-04-2024 to 22-05-2024);IMPORTANT! The time frame for Phase II has been changed as from 30-04-2024 to 29-05-2024.

Phase III – selection of no more than one student by each of the internship supervisors to undertake a summer internship on a topic proposed by that internship supervisor (until 31 May 2024). IMPORTANT! The period for Phase III has been extended until 05-06-2024.

Phase II –

Studentų temų pasirinkimas
From 30th of April to 29th of May 2024 at 16:00

Phase II –

Eligibe applicants (student)

Student summer internships are open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as dual degree students, except for those who are in their final year at the time of the summer internship call.

The weighted average of the grades in all the subjects studied in the last semester must be 8.0 or higher.

To apply for a summer internship(s), the student selects up to two topics on the Council's website, fills in the requested information, and submits: a curriculum vitae, a transcript of academic record, and a motivational letter.

Phase II –

Selection of students

Students are selected in two stages:

  1. Administrative check of students applications;
  2. Practice supervisors are informed about the students who have met the requirements of the administrative screening and the process of student selection.
Additional information

Upon the completion of the summer internship, or at another time specified in advance by the Council, students will present the results of their internship at a conference hosted by the Council and will submit a free-form report electronically through the Council's system, describing the new competences acquired during the summer internship and the conditions for their acquisition provided by the host institution and the internship supervisor.

The student shall not have any other employment relationship with the host institution for the duration of the summer internship, other than the employment relationship for the summer internship itself.

Click here for instructions on how to fill in student applications.

For the relevant documents, click here.
For further information please contact
  • Programme coordinators Ilona Monstavičienė, e-mail [email protected], ph. no. +370 604 53 802
  • Programme coordinators Edita Kavaliauskienė, e-mail [email protected], ph. no. +370 604 58 290

Last updated: 03-05-2024