Researcher Groups projects

This competitive research funding measure provides a possibility for a researcher, or a group of researchers, to conduct a bottom-up research projects.

The measure is intended to support well-defined research projects with a clearly identified project objectives, methodology and timeline. The submitted proposals will be assigned to either Humanities and social sciences or Natural sciences, technology, medical and health sciences and agricultural sciences panels for evaluation and decision making.

Once the call for proposals is announced, research projects can be submitted through information system by filling in the official application form.

It is important to note, that Principal Investigators and their research organisations, or institutes, must meet scheme requirements that are indicated in the General Rules for the Competitive Funding of Research and Dissemination Projects and other documents available for applicants.

Proposals that meet eligibility requirements will be submitted for an expert evaluation in accordance with the Description of the Procedure of the Expert Evaluation of the Projects and their Reports.

Depending on the volume of proposals received a number of separate expert evaluation panels are formed and includes Lithuanian and international experts. The aim of the expert panels is to guide a selection of most significant, innovative and novel research ideas and projects, which will enable outstanding researchers to contribute to their field study and deliver impactful research.

Humanities and social sciences:

Natural sciences, technology, medical and health sciences and agricultural sciences:

Last updated: 02-02-2024