The Research Council of Lithuania has been performing expert evaluation functions since its establishment in 1991. The Council’s proposals and recommendations regarding the country’s scientific issues and strengthening of the international relations of Lithuanian science are submitted to the Seimas and the Government.

The Council organizes the evaluation of research and arts activities in Lithuania, assesments of reserach amnd art doctorate programmes. It submits conclusions regarding the authorisation of Lithuanian resarech and high education institutions to award doctoral degrees, provides assessments of long-term institute programmes, and prepares a roadmap for the country’s research infrastructures. 

Experts may be asked to provide proposals or comments on the draft legislation or any other science policy and strategy documents submitted for the Council's approval. The Council invites experts to evaluate proposals submitted for funding of reserach and research-related activities, as well as reports of funded research. The lists of experts who evaluated the applications and reports of the competitive funding are published every two years, and the experts who participated in the evaluations financed by the European Union investment funds – after each competition.

In order to attract experts from abroad, the Council cooperates with the Research Council of Norway, the Academy of Finland and expert institutions from other countries. In 2015, in order to develop the overall scientific progress of the Baltic region, the research councils of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have signed an agreement to strengthen the evaluation of research, improve the communication of research results, and develop research infrastructures.

The experts of the Council who have performed evaluation of proposals or project reports as an objects of competative funding during the last two years (starting with 2017) shall be disclosed on the website of the Council. The experts who have assessed project applications for the EU Structural Funds-funded measures shall be disclosed after each evaluation amd adoption of decision on the project funding.

Last updated: 01-02-2024